Testing the Boundaries of Order? Europe, the European Union and a Changing World Arena

Journal of Contemporary European Research. 2018;14(4):296-302 DOI 10.30950/jcer.v14i4.1038


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Journal Title: Journal of Contemporary European Research

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Michael Smith


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Beginning with the emergence of a new European and international order after the end of the Cold War, this commentary examines how the interplay of the EU as a ‘market power’, a ‘realist power’, an ‘institutional power’ and a ‘normative power’ with the dynamics of a world based on shifting rules and roles for the EU, its partners and potential adversaries presents key challenges for the next European century. It identifies two alternative futures for the EU as a ‘reformed EU in a pluralist order’ or a ‘paralysed EU in a fragmented order’, and highlights the critical issues Europe must address to navigate this uncertain future.