Structural Model of the IDX Credibility

Indonesian Capital Market Review. 2014;1(1) DOI 10.21002/icmr.v1i1.3919


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Journal Title: Indonesian Capital Market Review

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Publisher: Universitas Indonesia

Society/Institution: Universitas Indonesia, Faculty of Economics and Business, Department of Management

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Country of publisher: Indonesia

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Djoko Wintoro (Research Director Prasetiya Mulya Business School)


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Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) needs to increase its credibility for the purpose of increasing favorable investment environment for both domestic and foreign investors. The perception of stockbrokers is used to develop structural model of the IDX credibility as measured by stock trading volume and frequency. Factor analysis overview has found three important group regulations: stock trading services, stock trading protection, and stock trading efficiency - which are influent to the credibility of IDX. Structural equation modeling analysis confirms that those three group regulations positively influence the credibility of IDX.