JACC: Case Reports (Jul 2020)

Rapid Prototyping Flexible Aortic Models Aids Sizing of Valve Leaflets and Planning the Ozaki Repair

  • Andrew I.U. Shearn, PhD,
  • Maria Victoria Ordoñez, MD,
  • Filippo Rapetto, MD,
  • Massimo Caputo, MD, PhD,
  • Giovanni Biglino, PhD

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2, no. 8
pp. 1137 – 1140


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Two patients with bicuspid aortic valve were selected for aortic valve repair using the Ozaki procedure. Patient-specific models of their aortic roots were generated based on computed tomography data and were 3-dimensional printed using a flexible resin. The models allowed sizing of the valve leaflets and practicing of leaflet suturing. (Level of Difficulty: Advanced.)