Metabolism Open (Sep 2019)

Obesity-induced inflammation and insulin resistance: A mini-review on T-cells

  • Tawanda Maurice Nyambuya,
  • Phiwayinkosi Vusi Dludla,
  • Vuyolwethu Mxinwa,
  • Bongani Brian Nkambule

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3


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Excessive lipid accumulation in an obese state is linked with activation and release of detrimental cytokines and chemokines that promote metabolic dysregulation. In fact, emerging experimental evidence shows that abnormal modulation of T-cells in an obese state correlates with the development and progression of insulin resistance. Importantly, the evolving concept linking insulin resistance with impaired immunological mechanisms such as T-cell responses provides new prospects for understanding the role of inflammation in moderating metabolic complications. Keywords: Obesity, Inflammation, Insulin resistance, T-cells, Type 2 diabetes mellitus