Linchuang Gandanbing Zazhi (2019-04-01)

The era of the reversal of liver fibrosis and cirrhosis: Current status and challenges

  • WANG Bingqiong

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 35, no. 4
pp. 705 – 708


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An increasing number of clinical studies have shown that effective etiological therapy might achieve the reversal of liver fibrosis/early cirrhosis. An accurate assessment of fibrosis reversal is of great importance for treatment decision-making and prognosis prediction. At present, the “gold standard” for the histological evaluation of liver fibrosis/cirrhosis reversal remains to be perfected, and there is still a controversy over the noninvasive assessment of fibrosis reversal. Long-term cohort studies are needed to observe whether it can improve clinical hard endpoint, and the clinical effect of new anti-fibrotic drugs needs to be further confirmed.