Belvedere Meridionale (Sep 2014)

Egy Marsigli-térkép margójára. Észrevételek Csanád város topográfiájához - Comments on a Marsigli Map Observations about the Topography of Csanád City

  • G. TÓTH, Péter

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 26, no. 3
pp. 63 – 69


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The aim of this essay is to present a map created by the Italian topographer and engineer Luigi Ferdinando Marsigli. This map is regarded as the most important source of the topography of Csanád in the Middle Ages. Although the orientation of the map is not indicated, it can be inferred from the corresponding compass directions on another map of general Marsigli’s workshop which depicts the city in the valley of the Maros river. Another important clue is the description of the Turkish traveller Evlia Celebi. His travelogue verifies our statement, namely that the map is west-up oriented. In addition, the measurements of the fortification can be determined with the linear bars and their known measure units (Vienna fathom). In the city churches and steeples are indicated, but unfortunately they cannot be identified due to the lack of written sources and archaeological fi ndings. As a consequence, Marsigli’s map cannot be projected on the present layout of the city.