Sports for all programs of elderly women

Choregia. 2007;3(2):6-14


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Journal Title: Choregia

ISSN: 1791-4027 (Print); 2241-6323 (Online)

Publisher: Greek Center for Sport Science Research

LCC Subject Category: Geography. Anthropology. Recreation: Recreation. Leisure: Sports

Country of publisher: Greece

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The study examined the views of 76 elderly women, fromdifferent geographic areas in Greece. The participants wereliving in either urban (46.1%) or suburban/rural (53.9%) areas. Data was obtained through a survey questionnaire whichincluded demographic questions at the beginning followed bya section regarding the quantity as well as the quality of theprograms undertaken by the participants. In addition, the participants indicated the reasons for participation into the«Sports for All» programs. The most important reasons forthe elderly women to participate were to have a good time,improve their mood, health and physical conditioning. Elderlywomen were satisfied with the content and the organizationof the programs. Despite however their ongoing participationand satisfaction from the programs, they appeared unhappywith the equipment used. Further, urban participants differedin attendance, satisfaction and reasons of participation compared to their suburban/ rural counterparts. «Sports for All»programs for elderly people in Greece require constant assessment and feedback from the participants, in order to bedesigned and organized more efficiently.