Guoji Yanke Zazhi (2020-07-01)

Early screening of amblyopia in preschoolers

  • Ying Zhang,
  • Ying Wen,
  • Ai-Ling Bi,
  • Hong-Sheng Bi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 20, no. 7
pp. 1183 – 1186


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Amblyopia is a disease which is caused by abnormal visual experience during the critical period of the visual development, and it has no organic diseases of the eye. Visual examination is an important part of the screening and diagnosis of amblyopia. However, the vision test is limited for the young children who can't express verbally. Refraction error and anisometropia are most common risk factors for amblyopia. In recent years, the early screening of amblyopia has been extended to the early screening of amblyopia-related risk factors. Moreover, the screening methods and technologies for amblyopia have also been developed and updated. In this paper, the methods of vision examination and refractive screening for amblyopic patients are reviewed.