Lo Sguardo - Rivista di Filosofia (2014-06-01)

Oltre la nostalgia. Per un'etica postumana affermativa. Intervista a Rosi Braidotti, a cura di Libera Pisano

  • Rosi Braidotti,
  • Libera Pisano

Journal volume & issue
no. 15
pp. 41 – 53


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Starting from her last book Il Postumano. La vita oltre l’individuo, oltre la specie, oltre la morte, Rosi Braidotti outlines new modes of relation between zoe and bios, life and death, subject and technologically mediated societies, monism and differences. Rather than perceiving the post-human condition as a crisis or a loss, Braidotti argues that it is an opportunity and a challenge for new ethical and social forms of bonding.