Nature Communications (Feb 2021)

Photo thermal effect graphene detector featuring 105 Gbit s−1 NRZ and 120 Gbit s−1 PAM4 direct detection

  • S. Marconi,
  • M. A. Giambra,
  • A. Montanaro,
  • V. Mišeikis,
  • S. Soresi,
  • S. Tirelli,
  • P. Galli,
  • F. Buchali,
  • W. Templ,
  • C. Coletti,
  • V. Sorianello,
  • M. Romagnoli

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 12, no. 1
pp. 1 – 10


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The fast carrier dynamics and ultra-broadband optical properties of graphene make it suitable for optical communications. Here, the authors demonstrate a photo-thermo-electric graphene photodetector integrated on a Si waveguide featuring 105 Gbit s−1 non-return to zero and 120 Gbit s−1 4-level pulse amplitude modulation direct detection.