Brazilian Journal of Biology ()

Gadget for epilithic microalgal sampling (GEMS)

  • LGC. Canani,
  • LC. Torgan,
  • M. Menezes

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 70, no. 2
pp. 289 – 291


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Benthic microalgae sampling in lotic systems is carried out using either artificial or natural substrate. Natural substrate is more suitable for biomass and productivity estimates as well as biodiversity assessment because it contains the communities that are typical of the environment. We present a new gadget for epilithic microalgae sampling (GEMS) that allows sampling in situ when it is impossible to remove the substrate from the river bed. The sampler consists of an acrylic box with a 25 cm diameter opening on its base that allows access to the substrate. This gadget can be used in shallow plan bedrock streams and it keeps the sample area isolated as much as possible minimising losses and contamination. It is also easy to construct and handle.