Sensors (Oct 2017)

Low-Cost Interrogation Technique for Dynamic Measurements with FBG-Based Devices

  • Camilo A. R. Díaz,
  • Cátia Leitão,
  • Carlos A. Marques,
  • M. Fátima Domingues,
  • Nélia Alberto,
  • Maria José Pontes,
  • Anselmo Frizera,
  • Moisés R. N. Ribeiro,
  • Paulo S. B. André,
  • Paulo F. C. Antunes

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 17, no. 10
p. 2414


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Fiber Bragg gratings are widely used optical fiber sensors for measuring temperature and/or mechanical strain. Nevertheless, the high cost of the interrogation systems is the most important drawback for their large commercial application. In this work, an in-line Fabry–Perot interferometer based edge filter is explored in the interrogation of fiber Bragg grating dynamic measurements up to 5 kHz. Two devices an accelerometer and an arterial pulse wave probe were interrogated with the developed approach and the results were compared with a commercial interrogation monitor. The data obtained with the edge filter are in agreement with the commercial device, with a maximum RMSE of 0.05 being able to meet the requirements of the measurements. Resolutions of 3.6 pm and 2.4 pm were obtained, using the optical accelerometer and the arterial pulse wave probe, respectively.