Journal of Spatial and Organizational Dynamics (Sep 2013)

Organizational Culture and Subjective and Work Well-Being. The case of employees of portuguese universities

  • Joana Santos,
  • Gabriela Gonçalves,
  • Alexandra Gomes

Journal volume & issue
Vol. I, no. 3
pp. 153 – 161


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This study investigated the determination of Organizational Culture on the Well-Being at Work and determination on the Subjective Well-being of employees of Public Institutions of Higher Education in Portugal. The final total sample had 635 participants, employees of Portuguese Public Higher Education Institutions. The hierarchical regression shows a significant effect of Organizational Culture on the criterion variable, Subjective Well-Being. By adding Well-Being at Work, it increased the explanatory power of the model. It was still possible to establish a structural equation model, which considers the determination of Support Organizational Culture on Well-being at Work and this on Well-being Professional. These results reveal the importance of organizations implementing a culture of support, particularly in ensuring the Well-being of its employees.