Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine (2018-07-01)

XII AIST 2018 Conference: “The thousand faces of cough: clinical and therapeutic updates”

  • Alessandro Zanasi,
  • Antonio M. Morselli-Labate,
  • Massimiliano Mazzolini,
  • Marianna Mastroroberto,
  • Roberto W. Dal Negro,
  • Ivan Poliacek,
  • Alyn H. Morice,
  • Sara Maio,
  • Giovanni Viegi,
  • Jamie Koufman,
  • Francesco Torresan,
  • Alexandros Ioannou,
  • Daniele Mandolesi,
  • Elisa Liverani,
  • Amedeo Montale,
  • Franco Bazzoli,
  • Fabio Baldi,
  • Maurizio Zompatori,
  • Giovanni A. Fontana,
  • Ahmad Kantar,
  • Peter Dicpinigaitis,
  • Clive Page,
  • Surinder S. Birring,
  • Francesco Tursi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 13, no. 1
pp. 1 – 9


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Abstract This paper summarizes the presentations submitted for publication of the 12th AIST National Congress (Associazione Italiana Studio Tosse/Italian Association for Cough Study) entitled “The thousand facets of cough. A clinical and therapeutic update”, which occurred last February 2nd-3rd, 2018 in Bologna (Italy). It summarizes the contributions from leading experts of the sector, who, as in the previous editions, also this year have analyzed a problem too often underestimated which still has many dark sides as regards both the diagnosis and the therapy of cough. The Scientific Committee has chosen topics that had less space in previous editions and these are topical subjects representing a concrete opportunity for learning and comparison of opinions, as well as indispensable elements for the correct management of the symptoms. Hereby we report the abstracts of the works submitted for publication in this Meeting report. The main topics have covered Cough relationship with nerve vagus, ATP, air pollution, GERD, imaging, COPD, pediatric and therapy. Of particular interest it is the preliminary data on cough hydration ratio that shows a highly significant correlation between dehydration and cough.