Развитие образования (Nov 2018)

Principles of the Russian education system in the light of scientific and pedagogical activity оf E.D. Nikitin

  • Evgeniya P. Sabodina,
  • Yuriу S. Melnikov

Journal volume & issue
no. 2 (2)
pp. 39 – 43


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This paper analyzes the following principles of Russian education: the principle of state funding of science and education, the principle of state responsibility of scientists for the development of science and education, the principle of responsibility and continuity. The genesis and the ontological concepts of philosophy in soil science are shown, some of the main provisions of the scientific and the philosophical, pedagogical, organizational and exhibition activities of E.D. Nikitin are given, and it is indicated that he created scientific and philosophical theory, revealing the main regularities of the relationship between man and nature, homolaterally (theory of the unity of man and nature), highlighted the versatility of feedback, based on the understanding of which, E.D. Nikitin has identified and classified the variety of geosphere, atmosphere and biogeocenosis features of soils and undertook philosophical and scientific generalization on this issue. Continuity in the work of the department «Natural zoning and soil formation» from the 50s of the XX century to the present time is revealed.