Chemical Engineering Transactions (Dec 2015)

Research on Supply Chain Network Knowledge Dissemination Mode

  • J. Tan

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 46


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Supply chain network enables the enterprises to achieve the purpose of knowledge diffusion complementary. Based on the complex network theory, using the method of combining qualitative analysis and model deduction, we established a knowledge diffusion network model that view staff of supply chain as network node, discussed the mechanism of knowledge diffusion, analysed the main control parameters which impact on the speed of knowledge diffusion, and we found of knowledge diffusion laws of the supply chain network process. From the angle which take the enterprise as the supply chain network node, based on the complex network statistical theory, we studied the influence of cluster coefficient and the modulation to the network knowledge diffusion, and found that by changing the relationship between enterprises or introducing some other enterprises, it can accelerate the speed of knowledge diffusion.