Case Reports in Oncology (Feb 2014)

Benefit of a Second Opinion for Lung Cancer: No Metastasis to the Kidney but a Synchronous Primary Renal Neoplasm

  • Marleen J. ter Avest,
  • Romane M. Schook,
  • Lyan G. Koudstaal,
  • Katrien Grünberg,
  • Marinus A. Paul,
  • Egbert F. Smit,
  • Pieter E. Postmus

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 7, no. 1
pp. 122 – 125


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Background: The finding of a renal mass on imaging is suggestive of metastatic non-small cell lung cancer in the presence of a lung tumor but can also have another origin. Case Report: We describe the case of a patient diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer based on a renal metastasis. A second opinion including review of histopathological data and additional imaging followed by lung surgery and cryoablation of the kidney lesion revealed two tumors of different origins, non-small cell lung cancer and a renal cell carcinoma. Discussion: The presence of a renal mass diagnosed on a CT scan in a patient with lung cancer is not always synonymous with metastatic disease. Confirmation of diagnosis by tissue sampling is mandatory, especially if a synchronous primary tumor is possible.