Logos (Apr 2011)

Individualismo metodológico y Sociología comprensiva

  • Jorge Peñalver López

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 43, no. 0
pp. 201 – 231


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In this article we are concerned with an analysis of «methodological individualism » that is on the ground of weberian work, as himself states in “Die «Objetivität» sozialwissenschaftlicher und sozialpolitischer Erkenntnis”. This individualism means, not only a scientific methodology , but a accurate subjectivity scheme: the subject is constrained in its ability to provide a thorough meaning to life. Also, this study claims that the German Methodensreit was a central discusión in the weberian theory. The global aim of this article is to emphasize the value of methodological individualism as a way of understanding the society in the scheme of the social action drawn by Max Weber.