PhytoKeys (2019-12-01)

The taxonomic identities of Pholidota wenshanica and P. subcalceata (Orchidaceae, Coelogyninae)

  • Lin Li,
  • Ming Qin,
  • Wan-Yao Wang,
  • Song-Jun Zeng,
  • Guo-Qiang Zhang,
  • Zhong-Jian Liu

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 136
pp. 97 – 106


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P. wenshanica S.C.Chen & Z.H.Tsi and P. subcalceata Gagnep. have long been recognized as synonyms of P. leveilleana Schltr. In the present study, detailed morphological comparisons suggest that specimens referred to as P. wenshanica and P. subcalceata differ significantly in both vegetative and floral characters from those of P. leveilleana. Here we resurrect P. wenshanica and P. subcalceata as independent species. Key diagnostic characters essential for delineating identities of these species are presented.