Морфологія (Jan 2007)

Morphologic changes in liver of patients deceased from HIV-infection.

  • Lytvynenko M.V.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1, no. 4
pp. 49 – 54


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Morphologic changes were studied in liver of patients with HIV/AIDS and comparative analysis was performed of certain structure pattern in patients with AIDS and with persons who were influenced by technogenous pollutants of the environment because of Chernobyl catastrophe, which, among other things, resulted in acquired immunodeficiency. The goal of our work was verifying the pathogenically significant structural changes in the liver of HIV-infected patients depending on use of narcotic substances for argumentation of certain statements of diagnostic and treatment tactics. From 659 deceased HIV-infected patients 80 cases were picked and analyzed subjectively: 60 men (75%) and 20 women (25%). In all investigated cases we performed compete macroscopic (visual inspection, weighing, specification of liver sizes) and microscopic investigation. Pathology of liver was diagnosed in all autopsy investigations of HIV-infected patients with greater evidence in cases where patients had used narcotic substances, which signifies synergic effect of those pathogenic factors on hepatic-biliary system.