Law and Literature.The Places for Metaphysical Thinking.

Journal of Modern Science. 2018;37(2):353-366 DOI 10.13166/jms/93696


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Journal Title: Journal of Modern Science

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Dorota Anna Łażewska (WSGE im. Alcide De Gasperi)


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Objectives The aim of this study is to identify places of metaphysical thinking in law and in literature.As metaphysical thinking is the search for the causes of reality which, as principia (arché), are its material and the development principle. This way of thinking is structurally irremovable from the human brain. It helps us understand reality, or discover the sense that designates the sphere of praxis. Material and methods The material used to develop the topic are publications in the field of law, literature and philosophy. The method used is analysis and synthesis of literature, inference, defining, identification. Results The result of the study is to show the timeliness of metaphysical cognition on the example of the field of law and literature.The identification of these dependencies, or the search for what is timeless, is the metaphysical way of thinking. Moreover, the poetic texts by Miłosz and Rymkiewicz are an effect of identifying the principals of existence. Artistic means of expression have allowed for an accurate exposure of the metaphysical problems, together with its components: the understanding of the first cause of reality, its laws and structure, its place, and the place of a man in the world. Conclusions The metaphysical way of thinking prevents the skeptic attitude towards reality.