Hemijska Industrija (2003-01-01)

The treatment of medical plants: Opportunity and feasability of domestic industry

  • Dugalić Sretenka L.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 57, no. 4
pp. 171 – 180


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An optimal technology can be determined, among various choices, for manufacturing phytopharmaceutical products by using the model of project profile and risk analysis of investment (comparative analysis of the project value). This technology takes into account different targets: marketing natural and social ones. The production is desirable for producers in Serbia to increase the accumulation of capital. The realization of profit in the production of these products also has ethical reasons because the income is distributed among research, development and social activities. This paper presents some results of research and practice regarding the manufacture of phytotherapy products, which can be useful for managers working on problems of technological restructuring as follows: 1. The feasability study for this production shows that the profit margin is between 10 and 25%. 2. The know-how for the production of phytotherapy products ranges from 12.5 to 25.5% of the total investment in new technology, which can be a great advantage in the development of original (domestic) technology and its export to other countries (example Hemofarm). 3. The development of these products and realized profit improve research for new indication and initiate the production of other equipment (machines for packing, transport etc) Furthermore, some extremely passive regions could be incorporated into such production. The production of phytopharmacy products has a social target supplying the market with cheap medical compounds obtained from plants without any undesired side effects in the treatment.