Archeologické Rozhledy (Dec 2022)

Proto-Eneolithic settlement feature for leather processing

  • Ludmila Kaňáková,
  • František Trampota,
  • Gabriela Dreslerová,
  • Vojtěch Nosek,
  • Antonín Přichystal

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 74, no. 3


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The state of knowledge of the Epi-Lengyel settlement of South Moravia is still limited to a few isolated pub lished sites, with a predominant focus on the typological evaluation of pottery. Collections of lithics remain unevaluated or are treated mainly typologically. The inventory of the settlement feature from Lidická Street, Drnholec, Břeclav district, comprising, among other things, 45 lithic pieces, has made it possible to apply modern methods to the evaluation of the collection, elucidating detailed aspects of its use and the depositional context of this function. It is the first-ever collection of Epi-Lengyel lithics in Central Europe studied by use-wear analysis. The results of this analysis show that it is a functionally homogeneous assemblage that was intended for processing animal materials, mainly leather. In terms of the distribution of raw material, there is an absolute orientation towards local sources. In a broader settlement context, the site appears peripheral.