Развитие образования (2020-06-01)

Current Problems of General Education on Teaching History for the Study of Social, Humanitarian and Legal Disciplines at University

  • Tatyana N. Kozhina,
  • Nataliya B. Malinina

Journal volume & issue
no. 2 (8)
pp. 60 – 63


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The relevance of improving the criteria for assessing competencies obtained in the course of learning history by schoolchildren, estimating the quality and relevance of knowledge, skills and abilities is emphasized. The purpose of the article is to identify pupils’ basic skills, as well as the possibility of making cognitive queries for mastering the disciplines of the social and humanitarian cycle of university training and building a civic position. Methods of research: analysis of the results of the State Final Certification on history at schools of the Chuvash Republic, methodological seminars of teachers who teaches history, monitoring. The authors emphasized that in order to develop criteria for the acquisition of socio-legal, humanitarian disciplines by first-year students and those who are pursuing a specialist's degree at higher educational institutions of the Chuvash Republic firstly it is necessary to analyze the results of mastering social and humanitarian disciplines by students, secondly, to compare them with the typical results of those who pass the State Final Examination on history, thirdly, to conduct an empirical interview with students in order to identify their cognitive needs. Results of the research. The most acute problems associated with the study of the history course by schoolchildren, the theory and methods of teaching history were identified, the task for developing a methodology for students’ monitoring cognitive queries on the history at humanitarian universities. The suggestions in the areas of improving teaching history at school for the development of students' competencies for higher humanitarian and legal education are proposed.