JGH Open (Sep 2021)

Acute infectious pancreatitis due to Salmonella typhi: Case report and literature review

  • Chantelli I Razafindrazoto,
  • Jolivet A Rakotomalala,
  • Nitah H Randriamifidy,
  • Behoavy M Ralaizanaka,
  • Sonny Maherison,
  • Domoina H Hasina Laingonirina,
  • Mialitiana Rakotomaharo,
  • Anjaramalala S Rasolonjatovo,
  • Andry L R Rakotozafindrabe,
  • Tovo H Rabenjanahary,
  • Soloniaina H Razafimahefa,
  • Rado M Ramanampamonjy

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 5, no. 9
pp. 1106 – 1107


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Abstract Salmonella typhi remains an endemic disease in Madagascar. Acute pancreatitis remains a rare complication of S. typhi colitis. We presented the case of a 27‐year‐old male, admitted to febrile diarrhea, vomiting, and severe abdominal pain. Blood work‐up revealed elevated plasma lipase level. Abdominal CT scan showed acute pancreatitis without necrosis. Blood and stool culture positivity for S. typhi. Patient was diagnosed as acute pancreatitis caused by S. typhi. The outcome was favorable under symptomatic medical treatment (rehydration and analgesic) combined with adapted antibiotic therapy. Acute pancreatitis is a possible complication of Salmonella infections. The presence of severe abdominal pain and febrile diarrhea should draw clinicians' attention to possible Salmonella acute pancreatitis.