Antarctic Record (Mar 1979)

Activities of Japanese Party in McMurdo Sound Area

  • Keizo YANAI,
  • Minoru FUNAKI

Journal volume & issue
no. 65
pp. 187 – 196


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Two Japanese scientists (authors) visited McMurdo Station and Victoria Land during the 1977-1978 field season. The authors stayed at McMurdo Station from November 16, 1977 to February 2, 1978 for their research. Three research programs were carried out in this season. As a part of comparative study of geological structure in East Antarctica, geological survey of dike rocks was conducted in the Dry Valley area. Many dikes and their mutual relationship were determined in the field near Vanda Station of the Wright Valley and in Taylor Valley. About 200 rock specimens were collected for paleomagnetic studies in the Wright Valley, Taylor Valley, Allan Hills, Carapace Nunatak and Ross Island areas. These specimens consist of the varieties of the basement rocks, many dike rocks in the basement, Beacon Fomation, Ferrar dolerite, and McMurdo volcanic rocks. A U. S.-Japan search for meteorites was conducted again on the basis of the previous season's success. Two U. S. and two Japanese scientists revisited the bare ice field of Allan Hills, Victoria Land, 230 km north of McMurdo Station. During the field season of 1977-1978, the team recovered 311 individual meteorite specimens.