STED Journal (2019-11-01)


  • Robert Poklemba,
  • Jozef Zajac,
  • Darina Duplakova,
  • Peter Cizmar,
  • Dávid Goldyniak

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1, no. 2
pp. 13 – 20


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This article discusses the properties of concrete composite materials based on their contexture. Systematic and interactive approaches are required in order to achieve optimal material properties in the preparation of composite materials. In order to predict the physical and mechanical properties of each component of the composite material but also as a whole, its optimization, not only the mechanical but also the material properties under different working conditions, requires a combination of different methods and technologies. The advantage of each composite is its specific properties that cannot be achieved by any component of the composite material alone. The strength of the materials based on polymer concrete mixtures can be compared to the strength properties of metals. On the other hand, this material has elastic properties which give the material a high degree of flexibility. When compared to conventional materials, the value of polymer composites is assessed not only in terms of excellent mechanical properties but also in terms of their low weight and cost. The aim of the paper is to describe the advantages and disadvantages of composites based on polymer concrete mixtures.