Chemical Engineering Transactions (Dec 2015)

Experimental Study on Ammonia Nitrogen Adsorption Performance of Zeolite Powder

  • J.Q. Wang,
  • W.B. Jin,
  • H. Guo,
  • X.Y. Wang,
  • J.L. Liu

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 46


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The incidents of sudden pollution of ammonia nitrogen are happening quite frequently recently. To study the effective removal of ammonia nitrogen, using zeolite powder as an absorbent, the simulation of ammonia- nitrogen wastewater is studied systematically through investigated experiments. The effects of absorption time, ambient temperature, the original ammonia nitrogen concentration, the amount of zeolite and other factors arediscussed. Results of experiments show that the absorption performance of zeolite is good and has quick absorption rates. After 10 minutes it basically reaches the absorption equilibrium. At 10~60 °C, the range effectof temperature on absorption efficiency is rather small. Zeolite absorption of ammonia nitrogen is fitting for Freundlich absorption isotherm equation very well. R2 is 0.9977; parameter n is 1.82, which shows that the zeolite absorption of ammonia nitrogen is better, as the preferential absorbent.