Cultura e viaggio. Vergine giurata di Elvira Dones

Echo des Etudes Romanes. 2015;11(2):147-157


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Journal Title: Echo des Etudes Romanes

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Publisher: University of South Bohemia, Ceske Budejovice

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Country of publisher: Czechia

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Karp Karol (Università Niccolò Copernico di Toruń)


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The aim of the article entitled Culture and journey. Vergine giurata by Elvira Dones is to present the role of two key motives, mentioned in the title, which appear in the work of Elvira Dones. They have a great influence on the life of the main character Hana. The culture demonstrates models which should be imitated and limits her individuality. She has to hide her female identity and to become a man, at least in the eyes of society. Leaving Albany turns out to be the only way of liberation. Hana goes to the United States to get to know herself again. The journey has two significations: the first concerns its fiscal dimension; the second is metaphoric and takes place in the internal world of the character. The analysis is carried out in relation to the concept of body which embraces such elements as sexuality and gender.