Noise Mapping (May 2016)

Innovative Helicopter In-Flight Noise Monitoring Systems Enabled by Rotor-State Measurements

  • Trainelli Lorenzo,
  • Gennaretti Massimo,
  • Bernardini Giovanni,
  • Rolando Alberto,
  • Riboldi Carlo E. D.,
  • Redaelli Matteo,
  • Riviello Luca,
  • Scandroglio Alessandro

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3, no. 1


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The present contribution aims at providing a comprehensive illustration of a new approach to rotorcraft noise abatement, especially during terminal procedures, when the vehicle approaches the ground and the acoustic impact is higher. This approach pursues the development of technologies and tools for real-time, in-flight monitoring of the emitted noise. The effect of the acoustic radiation is presented to the pilot in a condensed, practical form on a new cockpit instrumentation, the Pilot Acoustic Indicator (PAI), to be used for performing quieter maneuvers. The PAI is based on the synergetic composition of pre-calculated acoustic data, which are used in a noise estimation algorithm together with the data gathered by an innovative contactless measurement system, capable of acquiring the main rotor blade motion. The paper reports on the current studies in unsteady and quasi-steady aeroacoustic prediction and tip-path-plane angle of attack and thrust coefficient observation. Results on novel methodologies are discussed, together with the main features of the PAI design and development process.