Panclavism as Panmongolism. Historiosophy of Nationalism

Управленческое консультирование. 2018;0(10):136-149 DOI 10.22394/1726-1139-2017-10-136-149


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Journal Title: Управленческое консультирование

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Alexey Valeryevich Malinov (St. Petersburg State University)


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The article discusses the historiosophical journalism of V. S. Solovyov 1890’s. It is proved that V. S. Solovyov to the historical experience of the Asian states (China and Japan) was necessary in order to show the perniciousness of the policy of isolationism and the beneficence of the civilizational dialogue and the borrowing of the achievements of European culture. Historical examples served VS. Soloviev basis for historiosophical generalizations and criticism of the Slavophil philosophy of history, in particular, the concept of N.Ya. Danilevsky. A comparison of the views of V. S. Solovyov with the historical concept of his father S. M. Solovyov. It is shown that, in part, an assessment of the historical role of Asian peoples and the characteristics of the Slavophil movement V. S. Soloviev borrowed from his father.