Revista Română de Statistică (Nov 2010)

The Multinational Corporations - A comparative statistical approach in Romania and Serbia -

  • Gheorghe SĂVOIU,
  • Constantin MANEA,
  • Victor IORGA -SIMĂN,
  • Virginia BĂLŢAT,
  • Mladen ČUDANOV,
  • Ondrej JAŠKO,
  • Ana JAŠKO

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 58, no. 11
pp. 51 – 67


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The originality of this paper consists in a comparative approach to the typologies of the financial facilities meant to attract multinational corporations, either in a country that is a member of the European Union, such as Romania, or in a non-member country, like today’s Serbia. The authors have focused on the idea the multinational corporations are a major factor of developmentfor Eastern European countries, in general. Finally, the social corporative responsibility has been useful to the communities in these countries, but still remains a theoretical idea. The financial facilities and opportunities provided by the small economies are not yet compensated through a social equivalent, either inside, or outside the European Union area, for most of the host countriesand economies placed in Eastern Europe.The authors have focused on two characteristic corporationsAutomobile Dacia from Romania and Zastava Automobile, from Serbia.