Консультативная психология и психотерапия (Apr 2013)

Subject position on learning activity as a resource for the development and the subject of the study

  • Zaretsky Yu.V.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 21, no. 2
pp. 110 – 128


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The article discusses the concept of "subject position", approaches to its underA standing. We understand "subject position" of a student as an active and consciuos attitude to learning activities. The article describes a case of a treatment program in terms of reflectiveAactivtivity approach for a child suffering from mild mental retarA dation. The program is aimed at supporting the subject position of the child. The article also describes recoreded changes in the organization of thinking, obtained by "thinking aloud" on the material of creative problem solving and in the process of observation. The article reveals examination data of students of different ages (by the scale "Subject position"), which allows to draw conclusions about the features of students' position on learning activities and it's dynamics with age.