Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science (2016-02-01)

Communicating machines as a dynamic binding mechanism of services

  • Ignacio Vissani,
  • Carlos Gustavo Lopez Pombo,
  • Emilio Tuosto

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 203, no. Proc. PLACES 2015
pp. 85 – 98


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Distributed software is becoming more and more dynamic to support applications able to respond and adapt to the changes of their execution environment. For instance, service-oriented computing (SOC) envisages applications as services running over globally available computational resources where discovery and binding between them is transparently performed by a middleware. Asynchronous Relational Networks (ARNs) is a well-known formal orchestration model, based on hypergraphs, for the description of service-oriented software artefacts. Choreography and orchestration are the two main design principles for the development of distributed software. In this work, we propose Communicating Relational Networks (CRNs), which is a variant of ARNs, but relies on choreographies for the characterisation of the communicational aspects of a software artefact, and for making their automated analysis more efficient.