Аграрная наука Евро-Северо-Востока (Dec 2016)

Determination of parameters of the opener group in the development of unit for pre-sowing soil cultivation and sowing

  • D. A. Cheremisinov,
  • S. L. Dyomshin

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 6
pp. 67 – 72


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Modem technologies of cultivation of agricultural crops have high requirements for planting of seeds, the quality of which is largely depended on the design of opener groups. The design of opener group is developed for unit for cultivation and sowing APPN-2. I which efficiently prepares soil for sowing through cultivation and milling followed by surface flattening. The application of shoe openers allowed to use their single-row installation which together with the consolidation of functions of attachment, protection from damage and the irregularities of the relief in one constructive element - the torsion spring with trailers in the form of opener levers, reduced metal consumption of opener group compared with the classical layout and increased compactness. To determine parameters of the shoe opener group the results of the calculation according to the conditions of stability of its movement it is necessary to match the power load on a bar mount shoe openers for maintaining the optimum metal consumption and compact design of the unit. For this purpose a calculation is done of traction resistance of shoe opener and the total reaction forces acting on it at the point of attachment to the frame. For the proposed design of the opener group, placed on the rail fastening from the corner 50x50x5 with a span of I.2 m, which has seven shoe openers with a row spacing of 0.I5 m, the optimal parameters of the opener group, in accordance with the carried out calculations for a range of speed of 2.05-7,60 km/h at the depth of stroke of the opener of 40-60 mm are: a torsional spring constant c = 220-230 N/rad., length of levers opener l = 0,22-0,25 m, the angle of inclination levers opener ак = 50-55°.