Revista Orbis (Jul 2012)

Remeaning of the learning the language English under the influence of information and communication technologies. Case: University of Carabobo

  • Neyda Ibañez,
  • Ruben Castillo

Journal volume & issue
no. 22
pp. 49 – 63


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The globalized word are change the form of teach and learning other languages at par with the trends of introducing to the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The research seek interpret the remeaning of the learning of the language English under the influence of the ICT across a project of the Foundation Center of Information and Documentation of University of Carabobo for the creation of virtual environments in the subjects of the Documentaries Analyst. The research was developed under holistic perspective, using the hermeneutics method, with 15 students as key informants. It concludes that, the remeaning of the process of education - learning of the language English, involves that the teacher and the student need to re-learn the thinking process by TICs.