REDES: Revista Hispana para el Análisis de Redes Sociales (2021-03-01)

Social network analysis from the Ibero-American community in 2020

  • Francisca José Ortiz-Ruiz,
  • Carlos C. Contreras-Ibáñez,
  • Alejandro García-Macías

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 32, no. 2
pp. 105 – 109


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This monograph was done as a product from two events during the year 2020: First, the Network Day held on July 7. Second, the Hispanic Social Network Analysis panel at the Sunbelt Conference. Both were in online format due to the pandemic, but also both sought to be a space for promoting the sense of community of Spanish-speaking people using social network analysis. Thus, this document seeks to give context to these two events, in addition to making explicit the work and the people behind each of them. This text is divided into a contextual introduction about the year 2020, the description of each event, then each of the articles present in the monograph is introduced, concluding with a note of thanks to the people and institutions that made these possible.