Information for Social Change (2021-03-01)

A Directory of Open Access Library and Educational Resources

  • Dr Paul Catherall,
  • Sharon Catherall

Journal volume & issue
no. 39
pp. 94 – 98


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The current Covid-19 pandemic at the time of writing this directory has resulted in widescale disruption to routine patterns for work, business and leisure, with significant impact on employment, education and training.The medium of the Internet has been used during the pandemic to compensate for a lack of physical access via online communications, conferencing and access to information. It is also apparent that social media channels such as YouTube and Facebook are being relied on for a range of contexts, including school-age scholars, those in work or post-statutory education and for wider communications with family, friends and colleagues. It is possible some additional useful resources or channels may be overlooked at this time. The following directory is an attempt to showcase some authoritative, reputable or otherwise useful resources encountered by the authors.