European Physical Journal C: Particles and Fields (2020-09-01)

On the connection between quark propagation and hadronization

  • Alberto Accardi,
  • Andrea Signori

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 80, no. 9
pp. 1 – 30


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Abstract We investigate the properties and structure of the recently discussed “fully inclusive jet correlator”, namely, the gauge-invariant field correlator characterizing the final state hadrons produced by a free quark as this propagates in the vacuum. Working at the operator level, we connect this object to the single-hadron fragmentation correlator of a quark, and exploit a novel gauge invariant spectral decomposition technique to derive a complete set of momentum sum rules for quark fragmentation functions up to twist-3 level; known results are recovered, and new sum rules proposed. We then show how one can explicitly connect quark hadronization and dynamical quark mass generation by studying the inclusive jet’s gauge-invariant mass term. This mass is, on the one hand, theoretically related to the integrated chiral-odd spectral function of the quark, and, on the other hand, is experimentally accessible through the E and $${\widetilde{E}}$$ E ~ twist-3 fragmentation function sum rules. Thus, measurements of these fragmentation functions in deep inelastic processes provide one with an experimental gateway into the dynamical generation of mass in Quantum Chromodynamics.