E3S Web of Conferences (Jan 2021)

Research on Self-exciting Air-core Pulsed Alternator Considering Armature Reaction

  • Li Wenchao,
  • Zhang Ying,
  • Liu Zehui,
  • Luo Danni,
  • Wang Youlong,
  • Sun Yaohong

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 252
p. 02002


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Compared with the traditional synchronous generator with iron core structure, air-core pulse alternator usually adopts self-excitation to establish a higher field current to meet its demand for high flux density. In this paper, the topology of the self-exciting rectifier is determined to be the full bridge rectifier by discussing the respective application scope of the full bridge and the half wave rectifier. Considering the armature reaction, the self-excitation process and the coupling relationship between the field winding and the armature winding are analyzed. According to the commutation overlap angle, the equivalent circuits of different states are carried out, and the instantaneous expressions of field current and armature current are deduced, which lays a foundation for the following phase control research.