Atlantic Review of Economics (Jul 2016)

Analysis of the organizational eco-systemic change in a cooperative society of fishing production

  • José G. Vargas-Hernández,
  • Julieta Elizabeth Salazar Echeagaray,
  • Teresa Irina Salazar Echeagaray

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 01-2016, no. 07


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This work aims to analyze the organizational change that has taken the Cooperative Society of Fishing Production "The Patole", S.C. of R.L. de C.V. It is assumed that as a result of having implemented systems theory, it has improved its organizational development and thus fulfillment of its objectives, being a source of employment and income for the cooperative. The rmain method used in this analysis is observing partners, gathering factual information and indicators and supported by the application of a Likert scale questionnaire. It is concluded that systems theory is related to the cooperative to be beneficial in the organizational development of the company.