Sal-Site: Integrating new and existing ambystomatid salamander research and informational resources

BMC Genomics. 2005;6(1):181 DOI 10.1186/1471-2164-6-181


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Journal Title: BMC Genomics

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Publisher: BMC

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Weisrock David W
Monaghan James R
Samuels Amy K
Kump D
Walker John A
Putta Srikrishna
Smith Jeramiah J
Staben Chuck
Voss S


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<p>Abstract</p> <p>Salamanders of the genus <it>Ambystoma </it>are a unique model organism system because they enable natural history and biomedical research in the laboratory or field. We developed Sal-Site to integrate new and existing ambystomatid salamander research resources in support of this model system. Sal-Site hosts six important resources: 1) Salamander Genome Project: an information-based web-site describing progress in genome resource development, 2) <it>Ambystoma </it>EST Database: a database of manually edited and analyzed contigs assembled from ESTs that were collected from <it>A. tigrinum tigrinum </it>and <it>A. mexicanum</it>, 3) <it>Ambystoma </it>Gene Collection: a database containing full-length protein-coding sequences, 4) <it>Ambystoma </it>Map and Marker Collection: an image and database resource that shows the location of mapped markers on linkage groups, provides information about markers, and provides integrating links to <it>Ambystoma </it>EST Database and <it>Ambystoma </it>Gene Collection databases, 5) <it>Ambystoma </it>Genetic Stock Center: a website and collection of databases that describe an NSF funded salamander rearing facility that generates and distributes biological materials to researchers and educators throughout the world, and 6) <it>Ambystoma </it>Research Coordination Network: a web-site detailing current research projects and activities involving an international group of researchers. Sal-Site is accessible at <url></url>.</p>