The Role of Organic Public Movement in the Development of the Organic Sector of the Agrarian Sphere of Ukraine

Modern Economics. 2019;14:161-173 DOI 10.31521/modecon.V14(2019)-26


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Journal Title: Modern Economics

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Publisher: Mykolayiv National Agrarian University

Society/Institution: Mykolayiv National Agrarian University

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Country of publisher: Ukraine

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Milovanov E. V. (Сandidate of Economic Sciences, President of Organic Federation of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine)


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Introduction. It was determined that the creation of public organizations and unions, united by the idea of organic nutrition, healthy lifestyle, especially careful attitude to the soils, safe agricultural production, were the main factors of the birth of the national organic movement in Ukraine, which has now led to the formation of the complete organic sector. It is noted that the contribution of public organizations is important not only in the terms of the results achieved but also in the terms of the optimism that people feel about promoting important values for society and the planet, and also because the public organizations, in the strict sense, are active instruments, available for use by individuals and groups around the world to achieve positive goals. Purpose. The purpose of the study is to provide scientific and methodological substantiation of the organic public movement role in the development of the organic sector of the agrarian sphere of Ukraine at the present stage of the development of the national economy. Results. Retrospective of the formation and development of organic movement in the world is considered and the main events and personalities which these processes are related with are presented. The list of leading, most active public associations, which focus their activities on the development of organic production and promotion of organic produce, is provided. The analysis of one of the most reputable and renowned worldwide public movements aimed at promoting and developing the international organic movement – IFOAM Organics International that plays leading, consolidating role in shaping the world perception of the public, constantly upgrading organic standards and largely international accreditation institutions involved in the certification of organic production. The history of development is considered and the most significant Ukrainian non-profit, public organizations that have made special contributions to the development of organic production, promotion of organic products and their advantages compared with conventional ones have been identified. The activity of several leading public organizations of the organic movement of Ukraine was analyzed in detail. The main directions of activity of the organic farming movement in Ukraine are given, which for 20 years defend the importance of organic matter for balanced development of society and national economy. Conclusions. The special role of the public movement in the development of the organic sector of the agrarian sector of Ukraine is emphasized, which is informational and educational, educational, promotional, advocacy and advisory functions that were especially relevant at the initial stages of the development of the organic sphere and remain as important at present.