Autobiografia (Jan 2017)

Ucieczka w formę. Intymizm w portretach sportowców w filmach dokumentalnych Superciężki i Wojownik Jacka Bławuta

  • Dominik Wierski

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9


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The main subject of the text is the way in which Jacek Bławut shows the sport in his documentaries on the example of his Super Heavyweight (1984), and The Warrior (2007). The director shows the meaning of sport, but first of all he treats it as a starting point for often very personal and intimate reflections on human struggles with the surrounding reality. The author rarely focuses on scores and classic winners. He usually shows the character’s struggles with themselves, their own weaknesses, past and limitations. Bławut tells about his heroes, and also seems to build a personal statement about himself – as a filmmaker and a man. The text is an attempt to show how the directing style of storytelling about sport have evolved, and how sport became a starting point to „see something more” in Bławut’s heroes, the man in general, and also in the director himself.