IEEE Access (Jan 2023)

Design of a Low-Profile Dual Linearly Polarized Antenna Array for mm-Wave 5G

  • Marco Simone,
  • Santi Concetto Pavone,
  • Matteo Bruno Lodi,
  • Nicola Curreli,
  • Giacomo Muntoni,
  • Alessandro Fanti,
  • Gino Sorbello,
  • Giuseppe Mazzarella

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 11
pp. 40645 – 40656


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This work proposes a dual linearly polarized antenna array for 5G mm-wave band, which is designed to be compatible with planar printed circuit board technology. The proposed antenna is engineered with a focus on simplifying the antenna geometry and eliminating any critical issues that may arise in antenna manufacturing. The proposed antenna has been evaluated, finding a 7% impedance bandwidth centered around 27.28 GHz. Additionally, the beam steering capability of the antenna is found to cover a ±30% angular width for both linear polarizations. These findings highlight the potential of the proposed antenna for use in 5G mm-wave band applications, where compatibility with planar printed circuit board technology and simplified antenna geometry are essential design requirements.