Journal of Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences (Jan 2016)

Assessment of denture hygiene maintenance among elderly patients in Nizamabad (Telangana) population: A survey

  • Pothala Gautham,
  • Molugu Mallikarjun,
  • Kalyan Chakravarthy,
  • Kandukuri Rohan Kumar,
  • Veerendra Budege,
  • Nagesh Bodankar

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 5, no. 4
pp. 275 – 280


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Objective: To determine the denture cleanliness and denture hygiene habits in complete denture wearers in Nizamabad′s population. Materials and Methods: In this study, a self-administered structured questionnaire was developed to know the attitude of the patients from the Department of Prosthodontics regarding denture hygiene. The study sample consisted of a total of 200 subjects, which included 110 (55%) males and 90 (45%) females. Results: Nearly half of the subjects cleaned their dentures daily (70%). Participants from the younger age group and who had been wearing dentures from 0 years to 5 years maintained a better frequency of cleaning. The majority of these subjects used brush and toothpaste for denture cleansing. After seeing the condition, approximately half of the dentures were rated as dirty (48%). Around 41% of patients were not satisfied with their cleansing methods and 78.5% of the patients claimed that their dentists did not inform them about how to clean their dentures. Older dentures tended to be dirtier than the newer ones (P = 0.0001) and had a higher incidence rate of accompanying denture stomatitis (P = .0001). Conclusion: The poor condition of complete dentures seen in the population was mainly due to irregular cleansing habits and also less usage of cleansing solutions. Dentists should give proper instructions regarding the maintenance of denture hygiene.