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Genetic variants in REC8, RNF212, and PRDM9 influence male recombination in cattle.

PLoS Genetics. 2012;8(7):e1002854 DOI 10.1371/journal.pgen.1002854


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Journal Title: PLoS Genetics

ISSN: 1553-7390 (Print); 1553-7404 (Online)

Publisher: Public Library of Science (PLoS)

LCC Subject Category: Science: Biology (General): Genetics

Country of publisher: United States

Language of fulltext: English

Full-text formats available: PDF, HTML, XML



Cynthia Sandor

Wanbo Li

Wouter Coppieters

Tom Druet

Carole Charlier

Michel Georges


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Time From Submission to Publication: 26 weeks


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We use >250,000 cross-over events identified in >10,000 bovine sperm cells to perform an extensive characterization of meiotic recombination in male cattle. We map Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) influencing genome-wide recombination rate, genome-wide hotspot usage, and locus-specific recombination rate. We fine-map three QTL and present strong evidence that genetic variants in REC8 and RNF212 influence genome-wide recombination rate, while genetic variants in PRDM9 influence genome-wide hotspot usage.