Double heavy tri-hadron bound state with strange flavor

EPJ Web of Conferences. 2019;202:06007 DOI 10.1051/epjconf/201920206007


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Ma Li (Helmholtz-Institut für Strahlen-und Kernphysik and Bethe Center for Theoretical Physics, Universität Bonn)


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Through the Born-Oppenheimer Approximation, we have performed a comprehensive investigation of the DD∗K, DD¯$ \overline D $*K, BB∗K¯$ \overline K $ and BB¯$ \overline B $*K¯$ \overline K $ molecular states. In the framework of One-Pion Exchange model as well as the treatments of the coupled-channel effects and S-D wave mixing, we find a loosely bound tri-meson molecular state these systems with the isospin configuration |0,12$ {1 \over 2} $, ±12$ {1 \over 2} $> and quantum number I(JP) = 1/2(1−), where the, 12$ {1 \over 2} $ is the total isospin of the three-body system, the 0 is the isospin of the D∗K, D¯$ \overline D $*K, B∗K¯$ \overline K $ and B¯$ \overline B $∗K¯$ \overline K $. With the estimated error, the mass of the DD∗K or DD¯$ \overline D $∗K molecule is 4317.92−4.32+3.66$ 4317.92_{ - 4.32}^{ + 3.66} $ MeV or 4317.92−6.55+6.13$ 4317.92_{ - 6.55}^{ + 6.13} $MeV. We also extend our calculations to the bottom sector and find tri-meson bound states for the BB∗K¯$ \overline K $ and BB¯$ \overline B $*K¯$ \overline K $ with the mass 11013.65−8.84+8.49$ 11013.65_{ - 8.84}^{ + 8.49} $ MeV and 11013.65−9.02+8.68$ 11013.65_{ - 9.02}^{ + 8.68} $MeV respectively.