̒Ilm-i Zabān (Oct 2015)

A linguistic Criticism of Farsi Course Book for third Graders in High School and its Educational Aspects

  • Fateme Mohammadi,
  • Mehdi Sabzevari

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2, no. 3
pp. 65 – 82


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Farsi course book, included in the curriculum for the high school students with the aim of acquiring language skills, consists of various educational materials on writing and structure. The researchers in the present study are of the belief that the Farsi course book is fraught with major pitfalls which must be dealt with. In addition to the pitfalls, many Farsi teachers are not equipped with the sufficient knowledge and education to teach linguistic skills. Furthermore, most of the points raised in the book are not put into practice, which is in direct contradictions to objectives of Ministry of Education. Contrary to the strongly-held belief that since Farsi is the formal language of the country and the media, students should not have any serious trouble in understanding and learning it, Farsi is one of the few courses which have experienced great educational failure. The present paper seeks to uncover the possible reasons behind students’ failure resulting from the contents of Farsi course book and its teaching methodology in an attempt to improve them.