Linguistica (Dec 1978)

Magnús Pétursson: Isländisch. Eine Übersicht über die moderne isländische Sprache mit einem kurzen Abriss der Geschichte und Literatur Islands. Hamburg: Helmut Buske Verlag. 1978. Pp. xii, 220 + map.

  • Janez Orešnik

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Vol. 18, no. 1


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Before the book under review, Magnús Pétursson (=MP) had published his doctoral dissertation about the articulatory phonetics of Icelandic (1974, in French) , a book on general and Icelandic phonetics, and another on general and Icelandic phonology (1976, 1978, both in Icelandic) in addition to a number of papers connected with phonetics and phonology: MP has now to be commended for having tackled a broader subject: Isländisch is an attempt at presenting an overall view of Iceland and Icelandic, especially the latter, to the German-reading public.